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Russian Grammar in Illustrations

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The main purpose of this book is to set out general rules of Russian grammar, illustrating them with simple, practical, everyday examples. The manual has been designed to help foreign learners recognize and master the proper language means to be used when describing certain standards, events, and situations, the correct grammar form to choose when expressing various thought. In order to facilitate this process, the authors resort to one of the most important didactic principles, which is the wide use of visual methods, recommended by all great educationalist beginning with Jan Amos Komensky. Everyday situation, represented in pictures, illustrate the use of certain construction or grammar form. In this way it possible to reduce greatly the number of special linguistic terms and theoretical formulas which prevent difficulties for non-linguistic students of Russian.

Russian Grammar in Illustrations is intended for all beginners and Russian language students at the intermediate stage who learn their Russian outside Russia, and have a limited number of lessons at their disposal. i. e. Students of technical or vocational schools, institutions of higher learning. Grammar material is presented in a traditional way, the nouns, the adjectives, the verb, etc. all the material dealing with a particular problem is composed onto one page, or two facing Pages at the most, so that it can be taken in at a glance and remembered as a whole. Pictures, tables and charts help to shape the presented material in to a logical unit, to compare some linguistic phenomena with others, and to master the language better, at a deeper level of understanding. The structure of this manual have been worked out with a View to help the Learners to form grammar Concepts which may be absent in their mother tongue.

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